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Cummins Pt Fuel Pump Parts

Ohio diesel parts is the only source for Fuel pump parts for the Cummins 5, we have parts for all variations of Fuel pump, from original equipment on your car to new build. We have a wide variety of gear for you to choose from, including puller tool, tool tensioner, and more, always proud to offer our customers the best experiences, so be sure to check us out today.

Top 10 Cummins Pt Fuel Pump Parts

The Cummins g Fuel pump is a direct replacement for your classic Fuel pump, it is manufactured from high-quality materials and with durable design. It effortless to operate and gives a well-designed instruction booklet, this Cummins Pt Fuel pump 3019395-e313 is an 3-in-1 Fuel pump that allows the driver to easily connect to the back of the car for septic and the back-up power is with the Cummins quick-disconnect system which makes it facile to connect to the car from car. This Cummins Fuel pump is additionally key to the Cummins Pt Fuel pump 3010395-e3, this is a Cummins ptg Fuel pump. This pump is for the 03 3379077 model, it is a rot-gut pump and it is designed to clean Fuel lines and engine. This pump is produced of stainless steel and it is highly durable, it offers a quick-start system and it is facile to use. This is an 3379172 Cummins Fuel pump, it's a high-pressure Fuel pump and it's used to increase the operating pressure of the engine. It's available in black or yellow.