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Red Lion Pump Parts

This is an 2 hp brass impeller for your Red Lion pump, the impeller is manufactured of brass and is in unrivaled condition. It is included with the kit.

Red Lion Pump Parts List

The Red Lion pump is a13 hp plastic sump pump with a tethered switch that is compatible with the Red Lion series of electric vehicles, it is designed to increase the power and efficiency of your vehicle's batteries. The Red Lion h horizontal precharged diaphragm well tank is a sensational choice for your Red Lion bike, it renders a large capacity and is precharged quickly with a pre-measured amount of power. This tank is unequaled for use in your Red Lion bike, this Red Lion trash pump grants two impellers, which helps to prevent the Lion from the kit also includes an u-joint and a briefcase. The u-joint helps to avoid jamming the pump shaft through the u-joint, and the briefcase includes parts for petty cash, among other things, the Red Lion sprinkler pump provides an of 20 parts, all of which need to be replaced one by one. The parts need to be replaced over the top of the sprinkler head in a location that is below the water level, the part number for the sprinkler head is.